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Remember CB?  Are you old enough to remember when citizens band radio personalities used to be respectable folks?  How long did it take for the citizen band frequencies to become corrupt with profanity and other distasteful garbage? 

Now, with the FCC lowering testing standards, we are beginning to see more and more garbage on the ham bands!  At least the Morse code requirements weeded out the trash for years, but no more.

"Roll" up and down 75 meters and listen to the crap.  Hams used to respect Christian principles and real amateur practices.  ...not anymore!

It just makes me sick to hear, "QRZed? QRZed? AD4... on the side."  What kind of crap is that?  "What's yo 20?"  ....and "GD" this and "GD" that!  "Mercy sakes, alive; ah's be come'n at'cha, wall to wall and tree top tall from da Bronx, gud buddy; come back!"  Give me a break!

Of course, we haven't seen ANYTHING yet!  Give it a few more years; the ham bands will be just like CB is today.  What can we do?

The answer is simple.  When hams discontinue supporting websites like QRZ.COM and start complaining about the crap that is going on with ham radio, then (and only then) will we see a change for the better.  But as long as you remain "tolerant" of "anything-goes," don't complain about the status quo!

JJ Harper, EE









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